Double Chins Rabbitry

                 Breeder of American and Giant Chinchilla Rabbits

   We are members of the American Rabbit Breeders Association, American Chinchilla Rabbit Breeders Association and West Coast American Chinchilla Rabbit Club. We strive to produce American Chinchillas that are correct in conformation and fur type, adhering to the ARBA standard of perfection and showing our American chinchillas at ARBA recognized rabbit shows. We use our American chinchillas for pet, show, fur and meat production. We usually have American Chinchilla rabbits and Giant Chinchilla rabbits available for sale and are always happy to introduce new comers into our Chinchilla community! Our rabbits lines contain some of the best American Chinchilla lines in the United States as do our Giant Chinchillas!!! We have H Acres, Young, Crystal, Steven, Reichert, Doyle, FLF, Walt's, WAB's.

The American Chinchilla rabbit originated in Saint Maur, France. In 1919 they were brought to the United States. Chinchillas were much sought   after for it's stunning fur. After the decline of the fur industry the Am Chin nearly became extinct. This now rare breed of rabbit is considered to be critically endangered by the American Livestock Breed Conservancy. The American Chinchilla is a great rabbit to use for meat production. They are docile and friendly, produce large litters and are excellent mothers. Mature does weight in at 10-12lbs and mature bucks weigh in at 9-11lbs.

The Giant Chinchilla Rabbit was created in America in 1921. It is a descendant of the Chinchilla Giaganta, which is known as the "Heavy-Weight" or American Chinchilla. The ideal Giant Chinchilla should weigh, when mature, 13-14 lbs for bucks and 14-15lbs for does. These mature weights make for ideal meat rabbits.


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We raise our American Chinchilla rabbits and Giant Chinchilla rabbits at our rabbitry located on the central coast of California, we are 40 minutes south of the Bay Area (San Jose, CA)



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