TanBuns Rabbitry

Show Results

Stockton Rabbit Show Feb 2018

Karat finished his Grand Championship

TanBuns Daisy BOB

TanBuns Khaleesi BOB and Grand Champ 

TanBuns Stockton Rabbit Show 12/17

TanBuns August BOB and BOS finished Grand Championship 

Hollister Rabbit Show Dec 2017

TanBuns Brienne of Tarth 2 Best of Breeds and BOS, finished Grand Championship

Lapins Karat BOS

TanBuns Ned Nederlander BOS 

Stockton Rabbit Show Nov 2017

TanBuns Cover Girl Best Op Sex of Breed FINISHED Grand Championship

TanBuns August Best of Breed Sr Buck

Lapins Karat Best of Breed Sr Buck

TanBuns Khaleesi BOS Sr Doe

 Stockton Rabbit Show April 2017

TanBuns Cover Girl 2 Best of Breeds Sr doe (Giant)

TanBuns Crimson 2 Best of Breeds as a Jr doe (Am Chin)

California State Convention March 2017

TanBuns Xena 4 Best of Breeds and GRAND CHAMPION now

Solano RBA Show January 2016

Best of Breed Show B: TD3 TanBuns Taz

Best of Breed Show A: Clum's TR Heff 

 California State Convention February 2015

Best of Breed: Ona Whim's Beach Boy (finishing up his Grand Championship)

TanBuns Jethro finished off his Grand Championship

Civil's General Hammond 2 legs towards his Grand Championship 

Stockton Rabbit Show February 2015

Best of Breed: Ona Whim's Beach Boy (Giant Chin)

Best of Breed: TanBuns Jedi (Giant Chin)

Best Junior buck: TanBuns Jethro (Giant Chin) 

Lodi Rabbit Show Nov 2014

DaisyHill's Ready to Rumble 1st place Intermediate buck (Am Chin)

West Coast Classic Reno, NV May 2014

Best in Show Intemediate doe (Am Chin)

TanBuns TB39 (TB19 x HL38)

1st place Jr Buck  Monterey Show 7/28/13 (Am Chin)

TanBuns Delilah (TB22) (B7 Finali x HL38)

1st place senior does Watsonville show 7/14/13 (Am Chin)

TanBuns Diva (TB21)

1st place senior does Monterey show 7/28/13

TanBuns Ernest P. Worrell (TB2) (A3 Buster x B1 Babs)

1st place Intermediate bucks  Watsonville show 7/14/13

TanBuns Finali (B7) (A3 Buster x B1 Babs)

Best of Opposite sex (against 22 rabbits) July 15, 2012 (Monterey Show)

Best of Breed(against 15 rabbits) July 15,2012 (Monterey Show)


Highland Rabbits HL38 "Thumper"

 Best of Opposite Sex (against 14 rabbits) July 15, 2012 (Monterey Show)


TanBuns Peter (TB19) (T1227 x B1 Babs)

Best of Opposite sex (as a Junior!!!) and 2 legs

First place Sr. Bucks 12/7/2013