TanBuns Rabbitry

                           Rabbit Care Instructions


Pellets: Rabbits get the majority of their nutritional needs from pellets. Our American Chinchilla rabbits eat ½ a cup of King Feed Cloverleaf twice per day. Figure 1 oz per lb/ rabbit per day.  Giants get 3/4 cup.

Hay: Rabbits need lots of fiber in their diet and grass hay should be given free choice. I like to use grass hay with 10% alfalfa.

Water: Automatic watering systems are nice but unfortunately you can’t tell how much water each rabbit is drinking. Water bottles or water bowls are the better choice. A rabbit that is not drinking water is not good and can die in 24hours, so keep track of who is drinking. Some rabbits refuse to drink out of water bottles or bottles with nivek style sippers… you may have to give them a water bowl.

Show Mix: for show rabbits, to put on weight or to get a rabbit to eat: ¼ cup Manna Pro (Calf Manna), ¼ cup Black Sunflower Seeds, 1 scoop King Feed Dr Cheekys  (has probiotics in it)and ¼ cup oatmeal (dry) add this to their regular pelleted feed. Too much starch can cause enteritis in young kits.

Treats: Veggies, hay cubes, carrots… only about 10 % of the diet, so give a small piece of green leaf lettuce (never iceburg) parsley or cilantro, or small piece of carrot or apple. Never give fruits or veggies to young rabbits (under 4 months) can cause life threatening diarrhea.  NEVER give parsley to a lactating/nursing rabbit (she will dry up).

*Babies and nursing dams should be fed free choice rabbit pellets*Babies should be fed free choice pellets until 6 months of age or until they reach breed weight*You do not want your breeding rabbits to be fat because it will hinder conception*When switching any type of feed do it slowly so the rabbits GI tract can adjust*


Always put the doe in the buck’s cage or she will attack him! The gestation period for a rabbit is 30 days. Put a nest box in with her; 3 days before her due date.


 Trim nails every month (to prevent sore hocks), resting mats will also help prevent sore hocks. Keep your rabbits on a regular deworming program, even if kept off the floor in wire bottom cages. To encourage good health also provide your rabbit with some form of entertainment. They enjoy playing with balls, shower curtain rings, toilet paper rolls filled with hay, chewing on wood, hay cubes, ect.