TanBuns Rabbitry

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American Chinchillas

Prices subject to change at any time

UPDATED on 3/16/18 

Breeding age does available now! Junior bucks!

Get on our waiting list....

Interesting in learning about feeding your dog raw?


Giant Chinchillas

Litter (typically sell out on Giants very quickly, we recommend getting on the waiting list)

We have a waiting list for Giant Chinchillas, please contact us if you want to put down a deposit to get on the list. 

Senior doe (Breeding age) available NOW $150!  SOLD

Bucks available now ($110-$175)  SOLD

Expecting: YES

 Rabbits are not available for pick up until they are 8 weeks old.

Prices for American Chinchillas start at $65 at 8 weeks of age and increase with each additional week of age. You will find the going rate among am chin breeders is prices starting at $65 for junior animals. 

Prices for Giant Chinchilla rabbits start at $85 for bucks and $90 for does at 8 weeks of age and increase with each additional week of age.  We are currently the only breeder of pedigreed giant chinchilla rabbits in California.

 Meat Rabbits

       None at this time

Rabbit Meat

Rabbit meat for your raw fed dog or cat is $6/lb - None at this time.



a non-refundable $20 deposit per rabbit is required to reserve a rabbit, otherwise first come first serve   

 #1 We reserve the right to refuse to sell anyone anything at anytime.

#2 We will NOT ship rabbits, but  will try to help arrange transport if possible.

#3 If you buy a rabbit from us, you are considered family, please keep in touch

#4 No rabbit will be sold before 8 weeks of age for the health of the rabbit.

#5 If you can no longer care for a rabbit you adopted from us, we will take it back.

#6 If you are asked to make a deposit to hold a rabbit, it is non-refundable. 

We breed for QUALITY over QUANTITY, we cull to meet the Standard of Perfection.  We strive to keep bloodlines pure and do NOT cross breed our American or Giant Chinchilla rabbits. 

We cannot guarantee any rabbit will win legs, by saying SHOW QUALITY, it simply means there are no visible defects that would make that rabbit disqualified from any ARBA rabbit show when it leaves our rabbitry.  We also cannot guarantee health of the rabbit(s) after they leave our farm.  We cull our litters and try to offer only SHOW QUALITY, HEALTHY animals worthy to become Grand Champions, however FEED, WATER, CARE, ENVIRONMENT, STRESS and YOUR INTERVENTION all make up a vital part of developing your rabbit, and overall well being.